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Colorado Will Make You Feel The Way You Need To Feel

In Denver there is this an amazing amusement park and water park that is called Elitch Gardens. The prices are agreeable and there are so many things to do there. Here is what Elitch Gardens is like.

It is pretty large and there are so many things in Elitch’s. There is a water park on one side that has a lot of really huge water slides and there is a wave pool too. Also, there is a “sunken playground” which is basically a playground underwater. There are a huge variety of rides in Elitch’s. There are about five or six roller coasters and there are a ton of rides that spin around, go up and down plus inside out, basically all that fun things that make you want to puke. It is very easy to spend the whole day there. You could then spend another day just at the water park.

Check out this map below, you can see the place for being on the smaller size for an amusement park, is fairly large. You couldn’t stay a week here but for a day the size is just right. Especially if you’re doing just the park, or the water park. You can either soak up the sun in the pool, slides and waves all day which is great for kids of all ages. Or, you can enjoy the roller coasters, water rides, bungee ride, slingshot, the drop and many more.

Not only are there rides but there is also an arcade that has many games and there are a few restaurants, too. The arcade has a bunch of fun games and there are a lot of carnival booths that you can play games at to win prizes, which are pretty cool. When you get hungry, there are places to buy snacks or you can stop by the cafeteria or the cafe if you want a more traditional meal.

If you are here in the fall, things get even more interesting. They have their Halloween fright fest and they decorate the whole place for Halloween. They also add a few haunted houses which you can go to day or night. It’s great to be able to go to a few haunts in the same location because you can see all different styles of attractions without having to drive all over town.

But what about the price? There’s parking, admission and food, but you can get a full year pass that saves you a lot and is a great deal, if you plan on going more than once or twice. You could go in nearly every day all summer and make the most of it. There is so much more, but it would take all day to read this. Such as, there are movies at the pool and a theater that has great shows for the family. There are naturally, gift shops as well where you can pickup a souvenir of your visit. The gift shops and the theater are very cool and were some of my favorites.

I hope you agree that Elitch Gardens is a amazing place to go, especially during the summer. It is a great way to spend the day and all for a fair price. Please comment below with your thoughts if you’ve been there, yourself.

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Four Things to do in Denver, Colorado

The first thing you can do is go to the art district. At the art district there are many things to do like try the food or you go shopping at the very unique stores. The stores are really cool most of them sell amazing art that would surprise many and they are usually of popular things like Deadpool, Ironman, etc. other stores sell antique items that are pretty cool.

In the art district there is even an improv place that is free and is really fun. Every first Friday of the month there is an art walk that you can go to art galleries and other places with art and observe the amazing art and have free snacks.

The second thing you can do is to go to the special community events that are really fun. There are many free events that are great fun like the zombie crawl in Denver that is where everyone there either dresses up like a zombie a zombie killer or just doesn’t dress and watches it is a really fun thing to do with friends and family. There are so many community events that it would take all day just to list them. The events are really fun and I hope you try them out and have fun.

The third thing you can do is go to the various parks and public places. There are many nice parks in Denver that are fun for the whole family and it can really help someone stay fit and happy. The places usually have a playground or a field even a lake or two and the children love them and always have fun there. There are usually things to do there like listen to music by some street musicians and observe the art placed in the park. There are many things to do at the parks and they usually are fun.

The final thing to do is to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is a great place for the kids and they always learn something new there and maybe you will too. There are many interactive exhibits that the children love and it helps them learn whatever it’s about. If you get hungry you can go to the cafeteria or if you feel like burning a dollar for your kid you can go to the gift shop and get something memorable. The museum is a great place for you and your family you will probably want to visit there again.

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Four Things you can do in the Town of Golden, Colorado

There are many things to do in the town of Golden it is great to visit any time of the year. There you can have a lot of fun even when it is snowing or raining. Let me show you the many fun things you can do in the town of Golden.

First you can go to the shops or the restaurants that are both great. They always have something interesting there to eat or to buy and the deals are great. When there is a festival or something big to do the deals are even better. Shops vary from souvenir stores, art shops, deli’s, frozen yogurt, coffee, just really a great variety and with the downtown only being a few blocks long, you can see them all in just a few hours. The shops and restaurants in Golden are great and are worth it to visit.

The second thing you can do is to go the creek because there are a lot of things to do there. First off, it’s just a pleasant walk. You can go up one side and down the other, with a nice park on each end (& one in the middle too)! You can go rafting in it if you’re a pro, or just watch people raft in it, they hang out right next to Lions park, there’s a statue of a whitewater rafter there. Then in the summer people rent inter-tubes or bring their own and float down the creek. The kids can also have fun because next to the bridge there are steps and a slide and down to a creekside area and there are big metal fish statues that kids love to play on and take pictures with. And when the river’s water level is high the metal fish look like they are swimming. The creek is a cool place to be because of the calmness of it.

The third thing you can do is go to the public events in Golden. There are many events weekly in golden most of them are held in the summer but there are ones in the winter too and most of them are free. These events are a fun experience you and your family won’t want to miss. They mainly take place in Downtown Golden or at the park nearby. There’s the Golden Super Cruise if you like classic cars and hot rods. The summer street parties on first Friday. The movies and concerts in the park. Then there are one time events like the National bike tour, drag racing, art shows and more. It’s really amazing all the things that happen during Golden for the family.

The final thing you can do is to go to the parks and just have some plain old fun. There are many parks in golden and they are all great there are fields for sports and just for running in and there are places for your children to have some fun and play. A huge flock of ducks hang out to the East, and there’s baseball fields and tennis courts at Lions park. The kids playground is both near the recreation center and right near the bridge on Washington avenue. These parks are mainly located next to the river so you can just walk down next to the river to get there.

There are many more things I just listed these because I think they are the best choices for a family. These places are easy to find and you can have all sorts of fun there. I hope you like my ideas for the best things to do in Golden Colorado, please comment and let me know.

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Looking for things to do in Glenwood Springs?

The first thing you can do is go to the Glenwood vaudeville revue show.  It is where the actors go on the stage and do hilarious slapstick comedy, skits and even musical numbers that are catchy. This show can also involve the audience and it can also involve magic and just plain old fun.  Their shows are worth going to because it will give you memories to remember. Here is their website if you want to find out more.

hot-springs-in-glenwood-springsThe second thing you can do is go to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  It is a great family theme park (& cave tours) on top of the mountain.  To get there you have to go on a gondola ride and enjoy the view on the way up.  Once you are up there you can go to the Fairy Cave, and King’s Cavern. Another thing you can do there is to go on their many rides that are there, the best rides are the Giant Canyon Swing that swings you over a canyon with a 1,300 foot drop, The Soaring Eagle Zip Ride which they pull you up 600 feet on Iron mountain and then they swing you down on a two seated chair. It is great if you like the wind. The Alpine Coaster which is Colorado’s longest alpine slide is really incredible, too. It goes 3,400 feet down the mountain in individual carts it is amazing to go down because of the view and the calmness.  Another two things you can do there is go to there 4-d theater and experience some awesome 4-d movies, or you can go to the laser tag area and blast your enemies away and possibly become first place of the people in your round.  Just search for

The third thing to do is go to Glenwood hot springs and relax in the geothermically heated mineral pools. While you relax with your loved ones the kids can splash around in the pool. In the summers they operate two water slides that you can go down if you go to the hotel pool. The good thing about Glenwood hot springs is that when you pay admission once you can come and go for the rest of the day with no charge.  The prices of the admission vary on age. There are also smaller “hot-tub’ish” springs across the way with smaller, more natural pools that you can visit. The caverns offer discount (or multipass) tickets with their admission if you’re interested.

The fourth and final thing you could do, is to go shopping. Yes it does sound unusual to do in Glenwood Springs, a town with a lot of attractions but the shops there are amazing. You can go to various jewelry stores and find something nice to wear or you can go to the mineral shop and find a mineral that fits you or you can go to the various restaurants in Downtown Glenwood, or if you aren’t hungry you can enjoy looking at the historical structures… all at Downtown Glenwood Springs.

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4 Things to do Colorado Sand Dunes National Park

coloradosanddunesThe first thing you can do at this fine park is to hike through it. This is NOT like the Grand Canyon where you go to the edge and just look. Here, you can hike through an amazing 30 square miles of dunes as you wish since there are no designated trails so you are free to roam. Hiking through the dunes is also accessible for those who are in wheelchairs they have special wheelchairs specifically for climbing over the dunes. You can also go hike through the forested area around the dunes with nice shade and an amazing view. Obviously, experiencing the dunes underfoot and enjoying sand, here in Colorado, is one of the most popular things to do there.

The second thing you can do is sand-board or sand-sled which is a very enjoyable thing especially for the kids in all of us. It is just like snow-boarding and sledding but on sand. You have to have the boards and sleds specifically for sand the reason why is because these things are specifically made for sand for the best sliding experience. Using things other than the board and sled isn’t allowed for your safety and since the sand might scratch anything else. There are rentals at the shop near the parking lot and you can purchase them if you want. This is the most popular thing to do with the kids in this park.

The third thing you can do is splash around in Medano Creek. Medano Creek is a seasonal creek that people just luve. Usually in late summer the water levels are low and dry. You can do many things there that are not mechanical (Mechanical items aren’t allowed.) like splashing, surfing, wading through it, sand castle building, floating, and sand sculpting. It is a nice refreshing thing to do in the hot dunes. Springtime the water levels tend to be higher due to the winter run-off.

The fourth thing to do is to is to go to the shop and learn at the Visitor Center. You can watch a short 20 minute movie about the park. You can also go through the intractable exhibits which are educational and fun, and go to the book store and get some nice souvenirs. I recommend you also enjoy the amazing art and photography, or go to the back porch and observe the park through a viewing scope. There are restrooms, water fountains, and snacks. It is an enjoyable place to learn about the great Colorado sand dunes.

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Looking for the absolute best way to spend your visit in Colorado?

It is a huge destination for not only tourists, but people moving to the state for the first time. And there is a lot of things to do! Hiking, biking, even boating believe it or not, but what is the best things you can do to experience what all of Colorado has to offer? THAT is the question. And it’s a good one too because as tour guides we’ve chosen the top 3, unique things that you should, nay, must do when in Colorado.

Shoot a full-auto machine gun –

WHAT!!?? Yes, you read that right. You can rent and shoot fully automatic firearms right here in Colorado. Just west of Denver is a rare find of a gem, Alan S. who used to work for Steve Jobs alongside Robert K @ apple, believe it or not. He was also moonlighting on the side teaching government officials how to use their weapons. It became such a passion of his he left the corporate world and opened up his own gun store and offers “adventure shoots” of his huge arsenal of firearms. Want to shoot an M-16? No problem. The Rambo gun? Sure. An Uzi from the Terminator, got you covered. So not only can you be in a state where you can fire a weapon, but you can also live out your adventure movie dreams.

Visit Downtown –

Most of you have heard of Denver, right? So yes, we do have a large city right here in the middle of our state. And there is a TON to do here. It could be shopping, hitting up the nightlife, fine dining, whatever you feel like doing. You can even check out Mile-Hi stadium, Molly Brown’s home, the Brown Palace, the theater, the list goes on and on.

Most of you may not know, but at a mile high, the atmosphere is a little thin up here. So if you plan on drinking we recommend getting a party bus to take you from place to place because you well feel it twice as fast as normal!

Cannabis Tours –

Ok, ok, YES weed is legal in Colorado. So you can tour the dispensaries, check out the grow facilities and sample what you can only get in a few states legally as much or as little as you like. The industry has turned into not only big business, but huge and any questions you have can be answered here on your visit.

So there you go, 3 of the most bizarre, fun and unique things you can do while visiting Colorado and the Denver area. Feel free to contact us and help you setup any of these things, or a whole list of others while you are here.

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