The Colorado Adventure

Colorado Will Make You Feel The Way You Need To Feel

Looking for the absolute best way to spend your visit in Colorado?

It is a huge destination for not only tourists, but people moving to the state for the first time. And there is a lot of things to do! Hiking, biking, even boating believe it or not, but what is the best things you can do to experience what all of Colorado has to offer? THAT is the question. And it’s a good one too because as tour guides we’ve chosen the top 3, unique things that you should, nay, must do when in Colorado.

Shoot a full-auto machine gun –

WHAT!!?? Yes, you read that right. You can rent and shoot fully automatic firearms right here in Colorado. Just west of Denver is a rare find of a gem, Alan S. who used to work for Steve Jobs alongside Robert K @ apple, believe it or not. He was also moonlighting on the side teaching government officials how to use their weapons. It became such a passion of his he left the corporate world and opened up his own gun store and offers “adventure shoots” of his huge arsenal of firearms. Want to shoot an M-16? No problem. The Rambo gun? Sure. An Uzi from the Terminator, got you covered. So not only can you be in a state where you can fire a weapon, but you can also live out your adventure movie dreams.

Visit Downtown –

Most of you have heard of Denver, right? So yes, we do have a large city right here in the middle of our state. And there is a TON to do here. It could be shopping, hitting up the nightlife, fine dining, whatever you feel like doing. You can even check out Mile-Hi stadium, Molly Brown’s home, the Brown Palace, the theater, the list goes on and on.

Most of you may not know, but at a mile high, the atmosphere is a little thin up here. So if you plan on drinking we recommend getting a party bus to take you from place to place because you well feel it twice as fast as normal!

Cannabis Tours –

Ok, ok, YES weed is legal in Colorado. So you can tour the dispensaries, check out the grow facilities and sample what you can only get in a few states legally as much or as little as you like. The industry has turned into not only big business, but huge and any questions you have can be answered here on your visit.

So there you go, 3 of the most bizarre, fun and unique things you can do while visiting Colorado and the Denver area. Feel free to contact us and help you setup any of these things, or a whole list of others while you are here.

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