The Colorado Adventure

Colorado Will Make You Feel The Way You Need To Feel

Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the America. The landscapes, the mountains, the people, all accumulating for an unforgettable experience once you get there. For the people that live in Colorado, these things are natural as breathing, but for the rest of us, a chance to visit Colorado is something worth planning and the best sights and adventures to have should be displayed, so we don’t miss any!

Climb a mountain –

With gorgeous mountains and breathtaking peaks, Colorado is a dream-state for any hiker, climber and nature lover. Try your best at one of the Colorado’s 14ers – mountains higher than 14.000 feet, there are fifty-four such peaks in just this one state! Enjoy the incredible scenery while hiking up the iconic mountains, with a chance to see one of the mountain goats or a flying eagle! Mountains such as Bierstadt are easy to climb and accessible to climbers of any fitness readiness, but there are others, much more demanding if you feel like a pro.

Red Rocks –

Just outside the city of Denver, visit iconic Red Rocks and attend an unforgettable concert. Make sure to get some food as the concert is more of a get together where you can enjoy quality time with your friends, listen to good music and just have fun. Get there a bit earlier and you will get the best seats, and if the night is without clouds, the city in the background and the moon up in the sky will make sure that this picture stays in your mind’s eye forever.

Mesa Verde –

An insight into the indigenous way of life of America will give you something to think! There are not many archaeological localities in the States that will make you think as much as these cliff dwellings. They are awe-inspiring, you can bet on that. Unique experience completed with the tribal members guided tour will show you Colorado in a light you have never seen before.

 Hot Springs –

Another Colorado trademark should not be the one you miss on your tour through the state. Visit one of many hot springs and spend some time sinking into the hot, bubbling water! Natural parks fool of pools of hot water all naturally laying in stone is something that can be experienced in only so many places. Make sure to visit Strawberry Park for a chance of spending a night in cabins next to the hot pools.

Sand Dunes –

The natural wonder, sand dunes are rarely seen in this part of the continent, so grab a chance to visit scenic Crestone Peaks Park and enjoy an incredible sand adventure. Climb astonishing 750 feet high dune and take a picture from the top or snowboard down to the bottom in a park that is open 24 hours a day providing you with a rare chance to enjoy this natural oddity any way you wish! This is also the best place to visit in August and December, because the meteor shower season is best seen from this dry and dark place!

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